About Donate Life Virginia – Donate Life Virginia

Who We Are

We are the Virginia Transplant Council d/b/a Donate Life Virginia (§ 32.1-297.1) and we manage the Virginia Donor Registry (§ 32.1-292.2) for organ, eye and tissue donation.

Donate Life Virginia

9200 Arboretum Pkwy # 104
North Chesterfield, VA 23236



Our Mission

Donate Life Virginia serves to save and heal lives by working to increase the number of organ, eye and tissue donors in the Commonwealth.

Our Vision

Educate and inspire every Virginian to be an organ, eye and tissue donor.

Help Us Save Lives

When you contribute to the Virginia Donor Registry and Public Awareness Fund you’re helping fellow Virginians. Donate Life Virginia uses those funds to maintain the registry and support programs that increase organ, eye, and tissue donations.

You can make a donation during any online transaction you have with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.

About The Registry

The Virginia Donor Registry launched in 2003. It contains the names of people in Virginia who have indicated their desire to be organ, eye and tissue donors either at the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles or online.

When someone dies, and is deemed medically suitable for donation by a federally designated, nonprofit organ procurement organization, a donation professional accesses the registry to see if the person is registered as a donor. If the person is registered, their decision to be a donor is honored in Virginia. If the person is not listed, then the donation professional offers the family the opportunity for their loved one to donate.

All information submitted will be used only by donation professionals and will be kept completely confidential.