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Two mothers, one heart: A shared journey for heart transplant recipients

By Sean Gorman / February 12, 2024

Janell Hull (left) and Mary Small (right) didn’t know one other before they were each brought to the hospital late last year for a heart transplant. But they already had so much in common by the time they arrived at VCU Health Pauley Heart Center’s intensive care unit. Both had endured years-long battles with declining…

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A Family’s Gift Honors Mother and Child

By Debbie Anderson / July 20, 2023

One summer day, a beautiful, little girl, named Kimberly, was born with sparkly eyes and chubby cheeks to first time parents Cindy and Billy Spruill.  She was diagnosed with a rare heart disease, spongy myocardium, a cardiomyopathy described in the literature though never seen by the experienced cardiologist that was in charge and assigned to…

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DMV Employee Featured on Race Car

By Christina Jenkins / March 27, 2023

“Do you wish to become an organ, eye and tissue donor?” Viola Barnes knew that her Virginia DMV colleagues asked this lifesaving question every day. What she didn’t realize was that at some point that question could impact her life drastically. In 2006 Viola was diagnosed with kidney disease. She was able to manage it…

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The Art of saying Thank You

By Christina Jenkins / December 12, 2022

Jan Garver-Flanders’ life is dedicated to art and the beauty of written communication. She is a professional calligrapher who is often asked to share her expertise on etiquette. Something she takes very seriously. Unfortunately, she did not realize that she missed an important opportunity to send thank you notes until she lost her husband, Paul…

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Kidney Exchange a Lesson in Sibling Love

By Christina Jenkins / April 5, 2022

Hughton and Sophia Hughton Maye faced challenges for years with diabetes. Diagnosed in 2004, he struggled with the treatment and management of the disease. In 2012, his doctors started seeing evidence of his diabetes affecting his kidneys. Keeping a close watch on things, they were able to manage it until 2019 when he received the…

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Checking your status could change 75 lives

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