Daughter saves mom’s life with kidney donation


“What would I not give to my mom,” exclaims Erica!

Milagros and Erica Jackson

Erica Jackson and her mother Milagros Jackson have a close mother-daughter bond, but they also share another unique bond. That is because Erica donated a kidney to her mother in 2015.

“It’s very possible that I could have lost her,” Erica remembers. Milagros had kidney cancer and then needed a transplant.

Erica secretly got tested and learned she was a living donor match for her mom.

Milagros was reluctant to have Erica donate to her because she was worried about complications, but eventually agreed to it.

“It’s extraordinary that someone would want to donate a kidney to someone – a daughter to her mother – to give something so selflessly and full of kindness for another person – without measure, a gift of love. It’s something of which I am appreciative of and there are no words to truly describe how I feel,” shares Milagros.

“It’s the coolest thing I have ever done,” says Erica. “It makes it extra special for me because it was my mom.”

Today, both women live healthy, normal, and active lives.

“Life comes full circle. She gave me life. I gave her life. And then I had life,” says Erica. Two years after donating a kidney to her mother, Erica gave birth to her son.

Now they volunteer with Washington Regional Transplant Community sharing the importance of donation in Hispanic communities.

“Si una persona tiene la oportunidad de donor, que no tenga miedo. Eso  es uno de los regalos mas hermosos que un ser humano puede hacer en la vida, para ayudar a otro humano. Tener vida y darsela a otra persona, es algo que solo puede salir de corazon,” says Milagros.

More than 2,000 Virginians are waiting for a kidney transplant. Give hope to those waiting by signing up to become an organ, eye and tissue donor.