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Finding the Light: Through My Sister’s Eyes

By Kelly Vance / March 23, 2017

Jackie Hall lost her older sister, Erma, to breast cancer in 2015. Six years had separated them, but not much else. The two had already been through so much together—the passing of their father and the near-total degeneration of Jackie’s eyesight due to a disease called keratoconus. Her corneas had begun to thin and reshape…

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Heart of an Activist: The Unstoppable Dr. Rodgers-Rose

By Kelly Vance / February 18, 2017

Well into her 80th year and her second heart, Dr. La Francis Rodgers-Rose hasn’t slowed down. After a lifetime on the go, the community activist, university teacher and heart transplant recipient is currently gearing up to host the 14th annual Organ Donation Gala. It’s a full circle journey for an African-American woman born into segregated…

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Husband Gives Wife a Kidney for their Anniversary

By Kelly Vance / February 8, 2017

Forget flowers, jewelry and a fancy dinner – what Cindy Chafian really wanted for her 20th wedding anniversary was a new kidney. Actually, it was her husband Scott, who really wanted to give her one. Cindy took some convincing. She’d turned down his offer before but as her condition worsened, she finally accepted and they…

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Wedding Bells for Sweet Briar Grad Behind Viral Photo

By Kelly Vance / January 26, 2017

She never expected to be famous. Meredith Haga just wanted to live. Even still, her graduation photo has been seen by more than 1.5 million people since it posted on Facebook last summer. The image features a simple message on top of her cap: I am here because of an organ donor.  An honor student…

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No Aging Out: Older Kidneys Help Patients on Dialysis

By Kelly Vance / January 12, 2017

Many people assume they can’t donate organs after they’ve reached a certain age, but science and research are disproving that notion. Organs — especially kidneys – that come from senior citizens work well in many patients and they’re often far less risky than staying on dialysis. New research indicates that organs from older donors have…

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