Give the Gift of Life This Holiday Season

Looking for presents? Don’t visit the mall! Discover a gift that’s the greatest of all.

Tired of shopping? Exhausted from spending?
Perhaps we could get “generosity” trending.

Forget gadgets and gizmos. Pay no heed to inflation.
This holiday season, think organ donation!

It’s a gift that costs nothing. And doesn’t need wrapping.
Just update your status with some light finger tapping.

Don’t celebrate Christmas? There’s no need for division.
It’s a policy supported by all major religions.

“Why should I,” you ask? Well, the need is quite great.
More than 2,000 Virginians desperately wait.

They depend on the registry, which you could help grow.
It’s easy, convenient and free, don’t ya know.

It takes only seconds. And the impact is great.
One donor saves lives—as many as 8.

But there’s more to the story. They heal 75 others.
We can prove to the world that Virginia’s for Lovers.

So, update your status for the greatest of reasons. You could give the gift of life this holiday season.