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Sawyer McKinley

“Heartbroken, but not broken”

By Kelly Vance / December 12, 2018

Jaime and Jack McKinley had been at VCU Medical Center for two days when they called their teenaged sons Grayson and Finn to ask them how they felt about organ donation. Despite the stunning grief and shock of the past few days as the family learned that their 10-year-old son Sawyer would never wake up…

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McDonald's Area Supervisor Marquis Byrd talks about his experience as a kidney recipient.

The “Aha” Moment: Kidney recipient reflects on the gift of life

By Kelly Vance / November 27, 2018

Marquis had never liked going to the doctor. Growing up, he avoided it at all costs. Thinking back, he supposes it had something to do with witnessing kidney disease sicken his aunt until it eventually claimed her life. Ever since her death, Marquis avoided any sort of medical facility, figuring that no news is good…

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Norfolk Preacher Demystifies Organ Donation through Outreach

By Kelly Vance / November 6, 2018

Your loved one or yourself is already gone but someone else, another person, they can actually live,”Pastor Gloria Newsome-Brickhouse wasn’t always an organ donation advocate. In fact, organ donation wasn’t really on her radar until a deacon at her church invited her to attend a seminar for the blind about 10 years ago. “They kept…

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A Driving Force Remembered: Joey Gase takes Meredith Haga Fox’s message to fans

By Kelly Vance / October 15, 2018

Meredith Haga Fox was not shy about encouraging others to become organ donors—quite the opposite, she was passionate and determined. “She didn’t take ‘no’ very well,” remembers NASCAR driver Joey Gase, who became friends with Meredith during his work with Donate Life Virginia. If anyone knew the power of direct statements, it was Meredith. A…

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Virginia Man to be Honored at Richmond Raceway

By Kelly Vance / September 17, 2018

AJ Janosko should have turned 50 this year. He didn’t. Instead of celebrating his birthday, his family is preparing to celebrate his life, as well as the lives he saved and that were healed, thanks to his decision to be a donor. On Sept. 21, the Donate Life Virginia #35 car will bear AJ’s name…

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Checking your status could change 75 lives

Did you know organ donation can save 8 people, and improve life for 75 more? Check your status right now, and sign up to help others have longer, stronger lives.