5 Facts About Organ Donation

When it comes to organ donation, rumors and myths seem to spread faster than the truth. So, here are 5 irrefutable facts to set the record straight.

  1. You’re never too old or unhealthy to donate
    There’s such a critical need for organs in the U.S., the criteria for donation are changing constantly—which means that in most cases, anyone can be a donor. In fact, the oldest donor to date was 101 years old! So, age is really just a number.
  2. Your decision to be a donor will NEVER affect your medical care if you’re injured or sick and admitted to the hospital
    By law, the doctors who work to save your life are completely different than the professionals who facilitate organ donation. Your doctor won’t even have access to the registry list. Which means if you’re sick or injured and admitted to the hospital, you’ll receive the exact same level of care regardless of your donor status.
  3. Rich and famous people don’t get transplants any quicker
    It doesn’t matter if your last name is Kardashian—the organ allocation system is completely blind to wealth or social status. It’s all done anonymously by computer. So, while the time it takes to receive a transplant is influenced by several factors, income and celebrity are never considered.
  4. Donation is supported by all major religions
    Most religions don’t just approve of organ donation, they consider it to be one the greatest gifts someone can give. After all, the donation of life is a beautiful act of human kindness in accordance with many religious teachings.
  5. You and your family do NOT have to pay for donation.
    Organ donation costs nothing for the donor or the donor’s family. Naturally, a family may receive a hospital bill for any lifesaving efforts, but if that patient dies and becomes a donor, all charges related to the donation process are billed to the organ, eye or tissue recovery agency.

So, now that you know the truth, sign up to be an organ, eye, and tissue donor. You’ll be doing something amazing! And that’s a fact.